Legalise self-employment for international students

Legalise self-employment for international students

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Kevin Foster MP (Minister for Future Borders and Immigration) and

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Started by Brenda Hernandez

Join our campaign for the legalization of self-employment for international students!


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Influence policy to lift the self-employment restrictions for those holding a Student visa in the UK through stakeholder engagement. 

We're calling for Kevin Foster MP, Minister for Future Borders and Immigration, and Parliamentary members with the power to impact law in student immigration to form Student visa policies that foster the right environment for international students to kickstart independent careers in the UK.


Despite making up over 20% of the student population, paying higher tuition fees, and contributing £25.9 billion to the UK economy, students on a Student visa are not allowed to do independent work and get paid for it. This has opened doors for employers to take advantage of such students by receiving valuable work from them for free.

Additionally, restrictions have discouraged students who had the potential to contribute to the UK's talent with their business ideas and who could've driven positive change in their communities and in the future. The issue has become more urgent now that many EU students, who used to be considered domestic students, fall under the international student visa restrictions as well. 

Shouldn't the UK offer equal professional opportunities to all its students?

With freelancing increasing in popularity as a way to develop an early career, it’s time for international students to be able to participate in the independent worker economy and level the freelancing playing field.

We strongly believe that the self-employed student population should reflect the diversity of the students in the UK's higher education institutions!


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25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!