Print the expiry date of medicines on top of their strips.

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Every year, more than a million people die in India due to lack of proper medicines, as they are unable to afford them. On the other hand, households who have a lot of unused medications, throw those medicines away, instead of donating them to charitable hospitals. This act results in a severe wastage of life-saving drugs.

This wastage is primarily due to the expiry date of the medicines being printed at the back of the strip, at a particular spot. If a tablet is taken out from that specific area, it is practically impossible to know the expiry date or batch number of that strip. Also, the remaining unused tablets in that strip becomes useless for donation in the absence of that information.

I request Hon. Health Ministers and MDs of Pharma Companies to print the expiry date on the front of the strip and at multiple places to ensure that this critical information is not lost. By implementing this, not only the medicine can be given for donation to charitable hospitals or dispensaries, but also expired prescriptions can be collected and disposed of in a safe manner which avoids contamination of soil or water, thereby protecting our environment.

There are a lot of people out there in this world who need help. Please support this petition so that this change can save the precious life of poor and needy people all across India.