Government should support Bader Radio - a broadcaster focused on disability.

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There are around 13.5 Million people with disabilities in the UK alone and we believe they deserve a dedicated radio station that’s in tune with their needs and interests.

Most people become disabled through personal illness or injury so this is an enterprise for everyone – potentially...

Our objective is to help level the playing field for social acceptance, employment and achievement potential, essentially removing the perception that disability is a barrier to contributing to society the same as anyone else.

Bader Radio will provide a focused platform that provides a united voice and a showcase for achievements and opportunities alike. 

We aim to employ a broad range of disabilities to run the station filling every task from Presenting, to Management to Research and Marketing. The overall objective to make the station of interest to all types of listeners all over the World, proving that our output is as good, and better, as anything else available to listen to for entertainment, information and education.

We are already broadcasting loop programs to help promote the Bader Radio name but desperately need to establish a studio so we can start recruiting personnel and - go live!

Help us get the Government to take notice and help us get established - we have work to do!