Govt. must make it mandatory for the students to plant at least 10 trees before graduation

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Climate change, if not the gravest, is definitely one of the most frightening catastrophes the world is looking at presently. Sea levels are rising due to the soaring temperatures & melting glaciers. Furthermore, a blanket of excessive carbon dioxide  & some other greenhouse gases have caused the temperatures to shoot up by trapping the heat near the surface of the Earth. These gases, in addition to other pollutants & toxins in the atmosphere, account for life threatening diseases, specially respiratory ailments, eye infections & premature deaths.

Underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, are especially vulnerable to the deteriorating climate change. 20 to 30 % of a country’s land should be covered with forests. Forest cover in Pakistan however, according to FAO (Food & Agricultural Organization) UN, is 2.2 %, while some other surveys quote it to be 1.9 %, which is alarmingly below the desired ground cover.

We cannot afford to wait & see; we need to act fast & planting trees is one of the easiest & most cost effective ways of countering the effects of worsening climate.

We demand a similar law to be passed by the assembly as has recently been passed in Philippines; to make it mandatory for the students to plant at least 10 trees before they graduate. The Govt. must allocate zones & facilitate the students & people by providing aftercare to ensure sustainability, as it might not be possible for individuals to do so.