JUSTICE for the Rape and death of FORTUNE in Cameroon

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I am a Human being, someone's child and an advocate for social justice, I cannot sit back and be desensitize when I hear the perpetrator of a  crime as Rape leading to the death of a 10 years old girl is gone unpunished.

Today it is Fortune and who is it going to be tomorrow? It could be your own child or your niece.

Perpetrators of such crimes must face the wrath of justice as provided in the penal code of Cameroon. Cameroon has ratified all conventions with regards to Violence against women and girls. The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child in which Article 5 makes reference to the Survival and Development of a child
- Every child has an inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law.
- State Parties to the present Charter shall ensure, to the maximum extent possible, the survival, protection and development of the child.

We are calling on all stakeholders to join hands for our little angel to rest in peace and show the world that Cameroon is not a lawless state.

                  We Ask Justice for Fortune

On February 25,2019 she passed onto eternity. This little angel had been systematical raped by her aunt’s husband I was told from since the age of 8. A couple of weeks back a picture of her ailing self was posted on Facebook on Civitas Cameroon and Marie Abanga page during a visit at the Chantal Biya foundation in Yaounde. Evidence suggest that she suffered of waist trauma and cancer caused by the rape

Fortune will be buried in her native Obala on Saturday 02 March 2019

 However we need our Government to shed light on this case and bring the  the perpetrators and accomplices  to book even if the  relatives decides not to press charges, the prosecutor can still decide to proceed  with the available physical/medical evidence which establishes the perpetrator’s guilt.

              We need Justice for Fortune

Article 16 of the Charter provide that state parties shall  protect  Against Child Abuse and Torture
by taking legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment and especially physical or mental injury or abuse, neglect or maltreatment including sexual abuse.

My hope for Fortune, and my hope for the rapist, is JUSTICE.

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