Small Business Protection Act

I am not a small business owner. I am a (federal government) employee. I am signing because I wholeheartedly agree that not only these decisions result in personal tragedies for so many of these small businesse owners, but mostly because they are absolutely USELESS. The petition preamble says there is little data regarding the effectiveness of these measures,. Not only that, but in fact, evidence shows that there is no risk in stores and in settings where people do not STAY in close proximity to each other. For those that are not statistically/mathematically challenged, do the math to integrate all factors related to close contact (i..e. distance AND time of exposure, which is carefully hidden from the official propaganda), and the estimated percentage of infected people in a population at a given time, and it should open your eyes. However, the governments (at all levels), while pretending to base their decision on science, are actually misleading the population just because it is easier for them, and deviates attention from their own failure at implementing the right measures which would require a lot more work, skill and intelligence (attributes that, for the most part, they don't have). No reasonably intelligent person can help but being distressed by the covidiocy that has been going on for over a year now.

Sarah Brun, Kanata, Canada
2 months ago
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