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Drive Without Borders:One Nation-One Road Tax

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Today's world and economy is getting highly globalized. People tend to move from one place to another for jobs (across states in india). And these movements can be temporary and very frequent.

Inter state transfers is a HUGE problems faced by common people, when they are required to move their vehicles along (selling off in the current state will tender losses). And Process of transferring Vehicles from one state to another is a big troubling task to perform and very difficult to manage for people in jobs.

For the people who shift temporary into other state, why do they need to change their Registration. In current job scenrios, we need to change states frequently as per our work, in such cases it is not feasible to process transfer formalities (NOC etc) and pay taxes for each state.

If a person is coming just for 6 months and then he/she will be going back to home state. In such case is this practical to follow such laws ???? Since many of address proofs and declarations are not accepted by RTO's, Even arranging local address proof is a big trouble.

Process is so complicated that 90% of Law persons suggest to sell old at home state and buy new in new state, rather than following process of transferring vehicle..

Our demand is:

1. One Nation- One Road tax with All India permit. Uniform road tax for cars, taxis and two-wheeler all over India.

Alternate Demands:

1. Please bring RTO's online and integrated at the nationalized level, so verification can be made on a simple vehicle transfer request along with existing vehicle registration number. 

2. No need of NOC for transfer as NOC will be obtained directly by internal communication of RTO's of different states.

3. Bring back option of temporary state tax for vehicles, that is easier to follow and do not require process of NOC's

4. To keep a unified online database for vehicles registered all over India. If a vehicle registered at the RTO office of one state get registered in another state after moving, that makes the automobile no. available in 2 states, that should initiate the refund process on its own.

5. To allow "national permits" for passenger vehicles on the lines of goods vehicles, which will facilitate their hassle-free movement across states and avoid harassment by local transport officials.

6. To not levy tax on temporary inter-state movement of vehicles for three months.This means if one has bought a car in Delhi and is taking to Himachal Pradesh, where it would be registered, the customer can get a three-month relief from paying road tax. At present, this is for only one month

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