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No more delay on highways for toll tax collection

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I am a doctor and pained to face long queues of Vehicles made to stop to collect toll taxes on state and national highways. This traffic jam causes a lot of trouble to the users of these highways,  many of whom are patients in ambulances who are struck in these long queues, many passengers miss their trains and flights and lot many get late for their workplaces. Help me to urge the Road Surface Transport Minister to Stop this Toll Tax Collection by Signing this petition.

Besides the loss of precious man hours in long queues for toll tax collection , there is lot of wastage of national resource and loads of foreign currency by wastage of fuels burnt in long queues on the roads.  Say no to this National wastage by signing my petition.

I strongly urge the honourable minister to make a Cost analysis for Toll Tax Collection vis a vis the wastage of National resources of Time and Fuel besides a lot of inconvenience on Roads faced at Toll Tax Collection booths. Stop this daily ordeal faced by Indian road users by signing my petition.

When we pay Registration and Road tax at the time of purchase of the vehicle and pay Road cess every time we refuel our vehicle, why are forced to pay Toll Tax at every few kilometres of our travel on the roads which are not at all well maintained , are unsafe and without basic amenities. This Toll Tax Collection goes on for unlimited time and Toll collection booths are highly inefficient and inconvenient. Frequently many lanes are closed at these toll collection booths and only few lanes are working, the result is long distressing queues. The toll tax rates at these booths are usually illogical, arbitrary,erratic and.inconsistent. Stop this inconvenience and organised loot by signing my petition.



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