Standardised, Affordable Housing Without Discrimination Against Women

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The participation of women in the workforce have been increasing, with more women rising above their traditional roles as homemakers and working in MNCs, law firms, schools, and even running their own companies. This increased participation has brought with it a new set of challenges. More women are relocating because of their work or studies and thus require affordable and safe accommodation. House hunting has become a difficult task for women with gender discrimination.

 It is often observed through personal anecdotes and incidents occurred to my friends and colleagues that the available accommodations are often found unsatisfactory or unaffordable by women. Moreover discrimination against women stands as a main barrier to securing affordable and standardised housing. The current housing facilities for women are highly unsatisfactory. They face lot of problems in terms of expense,basic amenities, strict restrictions imposed by the landlords, lack of security, inadequate power supply and unhygienic food. Even though there are enough housing facilities, scarcity of houses prevails due to unwillingness of house owners to rent them to single women. The reason for rejections is most often shrouded with loose and invalid excuses. The unaffordability of high rents has forced them to move back to suburbs from the main cities.

This led to a denial of large number of women migrating to other cities across the country for their job and studies which in turn directly affects the worth of a society. If this practice persists in a long run there will be a serious deprivation in the participation of women in workforce.

So there is a dire need to eradicate housing biasness against women and initiate more economically feasible and standardized housing.

  • A keen attention has to be made especially focusing on the gender disparities in the current housing trend.
  • It is the duty of the Government to intervene and set up programmes that facilitates access to long-term and short-term housing that is safe and affordable for women.
  • Assisting those women in quickly finding the shelter by providing information about the available housing options
  • House owners and renters should stop the irrational prejudice and negative stereotyping mentality in renting houses to women. This will reduce the lingering impact of discrimination to an extent.
  • Provide a chain of standardised housing units for working women that respects their privacy, independency, safety and security, flexibility in timing as most of the jobs involves night shifts and remove unscrupulous restrictions of landlords and house owners.

Hereby I believe through this petition it will instigate and inspire Government officials, researchers, policy thinkers, practitioners, advocates and other dignitaries to take necessary actions to remove housing discrimination against women.

If you agree to my views I kindly request all of you to sign my petition.