Stop the Canadian Federal govt from allowing ISIS terrorists returning to Canada.

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Returning ISIS Terrorists are a threat to every Canadian. 

Canada is under no obligation to take these terrorists and let it be clear they are the worst of the worst. 

There is approx as of 2016, 1406 Canadians in foreign jails. 

“According to the federal government’s Guide for Canadians Imprisoned Abroad.

“If you break the laws of another country, you are subject to the judicial system of that country. Being a foreigner or not knowing the local laws is not an excuse.” And while they will make every effort to ensure a Canadian is not being penalized simply for being a foreigner, the government clearly states they are unable to interfere with the judicial process of other countries.”

The RCMP are not even sure if they can be charged in Canada for their crimes overseas.

They need to be tried in Syria or Iraq.