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Roll Back #Diesel Price Hike

Adding salt to the common man's wounds the government has increased the price of diesel by a steep margin of Rs.5.62 per litre. In some states this has resulted in hike of Rs.6.20 per litre. 

In some states this has resulted in a sttep hike of vegatble prices and other groceries while freight charges have been increased to 15% across the country. Price of other essential goods like cement, daily transportation fees has been increased as a result of the hike

I am requesting the Petroleum Minister to immediately roll back the diesel price and look at other alternatives.


News Sources- 

[1] Diesel price hike fallout: Cement makers hint at raising price

[2] Diesel price hike: Double whammy for common man


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  • Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas
    Mr. Jaipal Reddy

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