No More tolerating uninformed judges who revictimize Sexual Assualt Victims

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In 2017 a taxi driver in Halifax of Nova Scotia was tried for Sexual assault of a passenger that passed out in his vehicle. The judge of the trial claimed that a person under the influence can consent to sex. Sexual Assault is not sex ever. The judges lack of education in 2017 on Sexual Assualt was clear in the people’s outcry. We need informed justice professionals. 

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Honourable Attorney General Mark Furey
Minister of Justice Honourable Karen Hudson Q.C
2207 Gottingen St
Halifax, NS
B3K 3B5

Dear Honourable Mark Furey and Karen Hudson:

I am writing this letter in response to the decision made by the Nova Scotia judicial review of Judge Greg Lenehan’s conduct in March 2017. Please note the Canadian statistics reported are a testimony of how our judicial system is failing to protect the vulnerable in our society.
In Canada, sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes to police, and of those incidents which are reported, a low number make their way through the criminal justice system. Sexual assault can range from unwanted sexual touching to endangering the life of the victim through physical violence of a sexual nature.
From 2009 to 2014, slightly over 1 in 10 (12%) sexual assaults reported to and substantiated by police in Canada resulted in a criminal conviction. In comparison, nearly double the proportion (23%) of physical assaults led to a conviction .(10-26-2017)
Most sexual assaults do not make it to the court trial or sentencing stage of the criminal justice system and drop out at some point beforehand.
Of all sexual assaults reported to and substantiated by police from 2009 to 2014, less than half (43%) resulted in a criminal charge being laid by police, around one in five (21%) went to court, and slightly over 1 in 10 (12%) led to a criminal conviction over the six-year period.
The Nova Scotia judicial review of Judge Greg Lenehan, who proclaimed that drunk’s can give consent to sexual encounters, was exonerated of responsibility on April 4th because the judicial review panel declared there was no misconduct but rather a poor choice of words.
The Nova Scotia review panel needs to understand how they have shamed Nova Scotians and made our judicial system a farce to the rest of the world. When national coverage of this decision by the judicial review is ridiculed by the rest of Canadians, it needs to be addressed.
As a Canadian citizen and taxpayer I believe that the judicial review panel needs to be given mandatory training in sexual assault, sexual interference, and informed trauma. To have professionals make life altering decisions that put vulnerable citizens at risk, without this mandatory training, is asking the taxpayer to have faith in a judicial system that revictimizes victims through their lack of understanding reflected in their outdated laws.
In 2018 it astounds the average taxpayer that we are still using a judicial system based on a value system that is inherently biased and has historically victimized millions of people and families.
1. We need confirmation that the Nova Scotia judicial system will actively engage in training the judges, lawyers, and all front-line government representatives that will be supported by updated laws that reflect informed trauma and sexual assault.

2. We need a national public acknowledgement of the Nova Scotia judicial review of Judge Lenehan’s decision rescinded.

3.By January 2019 laws will be in place to protect vulnerable citizens when sexually assaulted.

4. Funding by the Liberal McNeil government will commit to training in sexual assault, sexual interference, and informed trauma to judges, lawyers, and front-line representatives that will be ongoing as early as September 2018.