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Bring this Parliamentary Act - Encourage criminals to receive punishments early

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Dear Minister of "Law and Justice", there is very much need for a parliamentary act as described below to encourage criminals to receive punishments early and thus to discourage crime.

"If a criminal gets convicted and sentenced to a punishment under a section of IPC in a lower court and then moves his/her case to an upper court pleading innocence and gets convicted again along with a sentence of punishment under the same section of IPC; then both of the punishments of the lower and upper courts should be imposed on the criminal; since the criminal is guilty and due to get punished at the initial judgement itself but still moved to upper court with an intention to delay the punishment or escape the punishment."

The only scenario when a criminal should approach a higher court is requesting a change of punishment.

This act discourages criminals from moving to upper courts and encourages them to receive punishments early; thus reducing the delays in punishing a criminal. This act further discourages some crimes as criminals loose the luxury of escaping from the punishments for decades. This also saves the time of courts, allowing them to focus on other pending cases.

If acquitted in an upper court, then anyway the accused is free from punishment.

If a criminal does not get punishment or does not get it fast or if he is not afraid of the punishment, it means there is wrong law in the country.

P.S.: Certain double delay in justice to a victim is more annoying than possible double punishment to a culprit

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