BEWARE job seeker BEWARE! Quality Brand Products Corporation has not paid its employees.

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BEWARE job seeker BEWARE!


Quality Brand Products Corporation

(also known as Quality Oils, Cooking Oil Wholesale Ltd)

of Unit 10, 1081 Meyerside Drive, Mississauga,

owned by Firouzeh Kazerouni-Nejad,

with one branch at Unit 3, 82 Akron Road, Etobicoke,

run by manager Anthony Ash,

is indeed delinquent. 

Slavery was abolished in this part of the world a long time ago, but I assure you that this company is willing to reinstate the practice.  They do not intend to pay people who work for them, and they must be rubbing their hands in excited anticipation of the influx of desperate refugees who may not know their rights.

I do not need to lie to denigrate the company’s reputation, their deeds are well chronicled at the Ministry of Labour.  Since 2013 I worked for this corporation, resigned with a polite letter and then I could not get paid.  I reported the incident to the Ministry of Labour in Ontario, Canada.  They investigated the matter and ordered the company to pay but the company refused, tried a bogus appeal in which they had no leg to stand on, lost the appeal as expected, and to this day in April 2018 they still refuse to pay.  I have written several letters to the Premier, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Labour.  More than one thousand six hundred and fifty days (1,650) have elapsed. 

There are at least nine former employees registered in separate cases filed with the Ministry of Labour against the said company for infringements of the Employment Standards Act 2000.  And the company was found guilty over and over again.  Consequently they have been ordered to pay but they are defiantly refusing to comply.  The offending companies are numerous.  I read that in 2014 there were at least 15,000 complaints for violations of the Act registered with the Ministry of Labour.  There may be many others (I am convinced the great majority) who never even reported to the Ministry, so the true number for that year may be close to 100,000.  This is not hyperbole.  If the corporation tries this with me refugees will not be immune to this treachery.  The most frustrating part of this crucible is that the government, after nine episodes with these same idiots, still will not learn a lesson, they (the government) still don’t exhibit any intentions to banish the syndicate of arrogant, contemptuous conspirators to jail.  Now that same government which can not enforce the law has the gall to offer for another term in office.

If you belong to a union you understand why it is important to support this petition.  If you are not unionized like me it is even more critical, because as you see I must lead the charge myself, but the numbers quoted above show that there are many oppressed ones like me out there, I just hope that you get close to a computer and support this initiative.  This battle is not mine alone, there are benefits to be derived for all oppressed workers, this is for dignity, bread and butter, and justice.  Let the government know that nobody should be forced to wait so long to get paid, especially after that same government had ordered payment, and the company is still in business.  Who is in charge here?  You can read the full story at:  Search for - Quality Brand Products Corporation and 21st century slavery in Canada: The thorn in their flesh. 

Verily, verily I say unto you, unless this iniquity be stopped immediately the suffering will continue, child poverty will flourish, and the multiplier effect will be manifest at food banks and at the welfare offices. 

BEWARE job seeker BEWARE!