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Need for transparency in the state government held recruitment procedures.

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We have turned a blind eye to the transparency that we have been denied to regarding the recruitment procedures that have been going on for years. 

Transparency is not only a need its our right its a step towards fighting corruption. We have heard and felt and may be seen where many incidents have occurred about asking a big payment for providing job in the state. It can be clearly said that people are exposed to different rate cards for different post. We have seen the messaging system where one candidate receives the answers in message as he has paid for it. Candidates are not allowed to take the question booklets. Many more unknown procedures of making us fool are conducted and we the innocent candidates be the spectator's.

This system has increased alot in states like West Bengal and many more states. These acts are occurring because the state governments are not taking things seriously regarding recruitment procedure, it has become so corrupted that hard working students and people are loosing hope in the present system and has started to think that those who have money will get the job not those who are hard working and poor.

I would like to urge the Ministry of labour and employment to take strict steps in providing transparency to the recruitments made by the state. Proper rules should be followed that should be for all. Marks obtained should be displayed, either passed or could not qualify should be displayed. Examination must be held in strict manner with CCTV facilities. During the examination the absentees answer script should not be taken out of the examination room. Soon after examination the answer script must be collected and seal packed in front of the candidate's.

Let's make people hopeful and increase posivity and legality the country has enough corruption we don't need more.

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