JUSTICE FOR POPPIE! No Bail should be granted for the people resposible for Poppies death!

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JUSTICE FOR POPPIE! No Bail should be granted for the people resposible for Poppies death!

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Liz von Hagen started this petition to Minister of Justice & The Magistrate court and

An innocent little girl, who recently turned only 3 years old, suffered the worst imaginable circumstances of physical and emotional abuse and neglect at the hands of the two adults who were supposed to care for, love and protect her.

Poppie died early on Wednesday morning the 26th of October after allegedly being kicked to death by her stepfather, the accused Kobus Koekemoer.

As reported by Network24, Maroela Media, Rekord News and other reliable news sources:

"The stepfather of a 3‐year old girl who was beaten to death is being held in custody after he was arrested in connection with her murder on Wednesday morning, 26 October. 

The child, Poppie van der Merwe, who turned 3 on August 4, died after extensive injuries to her little body after Kobus Koekemoer allegedly repeatedly beat and kicked her.

A neighbour, Mr. Roux, had reported to the police in months past that Koekemoer “had been abusing Poppie for some time" according to an affidavit made in February. Roux also wrote in his statement that he witnessed numerous occasions of abuse towards the young girl, Poppie van der Merwe and her little brother Johan, and that one evening he could hear in the house next door a loud thud against the wall and noticed Poppie walking around the next day crippled and bruised.

 "At times the beatings were so bad that her terrified screams actually masked the sounds of the punches and thuds against the wall, as she was so frantic" .

Roux also recalls during winter months how Poppie and her brother were hosed down with ice cold water and the young toddlers were left wet in the cold to freeze outside.

The toddlers were also forced to share a bedroom with the couple and were frequently within earshot of the couple having sex, according to Roux and his mother. "The children were exposed to sexual and other behaviour not suitable for children this age”

At present Koekemoer is still in the holding cells, and no charges were made against the mother, Louisa Bothma Koekemoer.

According to Koekemoer's ex wife, who has a son with Koekemoer, she did not allow Koekemoer to see his son after the divorce as he has a long history of violence. According to her, Koekemoer and Bothma fled several times in the past at the suspicion of welfare investigation on them. According to the childrens biological father, Christo van der Merwe, the couple allegedly also recently fled from Orania, where Bothma's mother lives and they were residing for a time. But as evidence arose of Koekemoer abusing the children and Orania locals were in uproar, the couple disappeared with the children.

According to his facebook profile and other sources, Koekemoer has been unemployed and homeless for months on end from 2013, allegedly due to alcohol and drug abuse. The abuse on Poppie started almost immediately after Koekemoer wed Bothma in early 2016 after the couple moved in together.

We plead for justice for this innocent life of Poppie that was so brutally stolen. No child deserves such abuse!

We also petition the arrest of Louise Bothma Koekemoer, as she has been reported as an unfit mother by the childrens father and was allegedly a willing accomplice in the abuse on these children, alongside Koekemoer. We ask for little Johan van der Merwe, Poppies brother to be placed in protective custody.





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This petition had 10,475 supporters

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