Petition for files of Covid 19 based on freedom of information act.

Petition for files of Covid 19 based on freedom of information act.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Errol Andrews

Measures to prevent spread of Covid-19.
The government of Aruba have taken extensive measures against the Covid-19 epidemic. The measures have sometimes conflicted with the basic human rights of it's citizens.
Recently the borders were opened by the government, even to countries with large amount of positive Covid-19 cases. Soon after there was a huge spike in positive cases of Covid-19 on the Island, forcing the government to increase the restrictions on the people.

The measures are devastating to the people.
The measure have had a devastating impact on the economy of the Island, The small and middle companies are filing bankruptcy, families loosing their livelihood and jobs. Basics rights to travel, congregate, to have an income, and other human rights are being swept aside, in favor of crisis rules and or laws, with too little consideration for the needs and rights of the people.

Proof of the Virus and Covid-19, justifying the restrictions.
To justify the changes of law, restrictions, measures, there needs to be proof that the virus exist. Therefore this petition is to request the government to show us their files, containing the test they did to proof scientifically that Sars Cov2 (the virus) and Covid-19 (the sickness) exist.

A method for proving the existence of a virus.
1. The virus must be isolated from the host and other elements.
2. An electron magnetic picture must be taken of the isolated virus.
3. The virus must be characterized.
4. The cultured virus must be able to infect a new host.
5. The virus tested on a new host, must give similar symptoms. 
6. The virus must be re-isolated and have same characteristics as the original virus.

A method for proving an 
7. The identified virus strain must be the same as the one in China, UK, USA, and other countries. The Virus must also infect many people across many countries with the same sickness Covid-19 to speak of an epidemic.

Information on the Coronavirus.
How is a virus diagnosed

Are Covid 19 PCR test reliable

Proofing a virus exist and detecting the sickness

Information on Covid-19.
The new Coronavirus


This petition is a request to the Arubian government for insight into the files they have on the existence of Covid-19, Sars Cov2, the epidemic and the test they performed, proofing their existence, justifying the measures they implement in relation to the crisis.

E peticion aki na Gobierno di Aruba, ta pa pone na disposicion di pueblo e datonan di existencia di Covid-19, Sars Cov2, e epidemia y e testnan haci pa comproba nan existencia, hustificando e medidanan tuma relaciona cu e crisis.

Deze petitie aan de overheid van Aruba, is ter inzage van de gegevens van Covid-19, Sars Cov2, de epidemie en de onderzoeken die gedaan zijn ter verificatie dat die bestaan, dit ter rechtvaardiging van de genomen maatregelen met betrekking tot de crisis.

Esta petición al gobierno de Aruba, es para que pongan a disposición del pueblo, los datos de la existencia del Covid-19, Sars Cov2, la epidemia y las pruebas que han hecho para comprobarlas, justificando las medidas tomadas en relación a la crisis.

108 have signed. Let’s get to 200!