Justice For Osime Brown, Clear His Name!

Justice For Osime Brown, Clear His Name!

16 June 2021
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Minister of Justice Dominic Raab (Minister of Justice) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Emma Dalmayne

We are asking for a public enquiry into the wrongful conviction of Osime Brown, we want his name cleared and the conviction over turned! 

Osime is a 22 year old profoundly autistic man who needs support and cannot live independently, he was jailed under the controversial Joint Enterprise law for a crime he did not commit.

Osime witnessed the robbery of a mobile phone and tried to stop the youths doing it, this was stated in court by a witness for the defence. 

In 2018, Osime was sentenced to five years and served two and a half years in prison, he was also told he would be deported back to Jamaica by the Home Office, a country he had not set foot in since he was 4 years old.

While in prison, Osime was subjected to: abhorrent racial abuse, restraint and violence, and began to suffer from anxiety and depression.

He began to self harm.

Osime went on to develop a serious heart condition due to being over medicated which required a device to be implanted into his heart.

When I heard about this case, I knew I had to do something. I am autistic myself with autistic children and could not imagine how such a diverse melting pot of a society like the UK could seek to do this to a vulnerable disabled adult. 

I spoke to my organisation Autistic Inclusive Meets and we agreed to do a petition demanding the deportation of Osime be stopped:


It achieved over 427,000 signatures and  when it was just over 100,000 we submited it by email to the Home Office.

We held protests outside the Home Office begging them to reconsider. 

Osime was released early to the care of his family in October 2020 still with the threat of deportation hanging over his head.

The stress caused his heart to stop, his mother Joan saved his life by performing CPR under direction of the ambulance crew over the phone.

Thankfully due to Joan he survived.

He is still in a traumatised state, he still gets scared when the door knocks, still has nightmares and wakes up terrified he will ne ripped from his family.

Yesterday Osime's family received the news that the Home Office had reversed the decision and allowed Osime to stay with his family! 


We thank the Home Office for making the right decision. 

Now we ask that his case is looked into by the Minister for Justice Robert Buckland with a public enquiry. 

Please please sign, lets help stop this nightmare. Osime and his family have been through enough.

Please see link here to contribute to the go fund me and for further information:


Support now
Signatures: 10,584Next Goal: 15,000
Support now


  • Minister of Justice Dominic RaabMinister of Justice
  • Minister of Justice Dominic Raab