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Justice for Our Namibian Daughters

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We as Namibian citizens are tired of seeing, hearing and reading about how our women and especially the young women are being raped, abducted and/or brutally murdered. We are tired of sharing posts, making posters and banners and then being silenced! Why is it that our mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters can't even walk freely and safely in our streets? The brutal murder of Rejoice Shovaleka is a reminder to us that women aren't safe in our society! This is going too far and our Ministers and President that's supposed to guide us are quiet and nowhere to be found. A 2 week old infant was raped by her own father! Is that what our country has come to? Our daughters can't even be safe with their own fathers anymore. The fathers that are supposed to shield and protect their daughters are the ones that are contaminating the girls' innocent bodies with their sins! Our forefathers fought selflessly so that we can live peacefully yet we have to sleep with one eye open cause you never know when your fathers might scar you so deeply within your soul. We are pleading with our leaders. We are begging you, please enforce stronger sentences on rapists and murderers. How many more gallons of blood should be spilt before you can realize that the fruit of our nation is dying? We demand Justice for Our Daughters!

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