I support farmers

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Nowadays , Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. Current government is doing everything to make the below phrase true         “ A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” Likewise they are doing  with the farmers ..

Farmers are facing bundle of issues as govt is asking to pay them less price for their crops also telling them to sell directly to private companies instead of selling to their own arthiya’s 

Farmers from Punjab, Haryana and some other parts are protesting against these reforms. Currently there is a major protest going on at Delhi's borders. Badal, too, tendered her resignation after the Bills were passed. Opposition parties, including TMC, Congress, DMK and BSP, opposed the agriculture sector reform bills, saying they were against the interests of small and marginal farmers. Congress upped its ante against the Modi government, terming the move a conspiracy to defeat the Green Revolution.Slamming the government, Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi said: "This government has been eyeing, how they can take the farmers' land to benefit their capitalist friends, whether is the Land Acquisition Act, whether in the industrial system through weakening the labour courts and now this three-pronged attack on the Indian agricultural system through the two bills on farming - one related to APMC, the other one is related to contract farming and the third bill which is on essential commodities... a three-pronged attack on the Indian farmers."

The desire to look strong and decisive, instead of looking human, is the fatal flaw of so many politicians, and I will never understand why the favoured path of the political class is akin to a child with chocolate smeared on their face insisting that they didn't eat the edible Christmas tree ornaments while their parents slept.

the  three Laws passed recently are totally against the farmers right ... about 40% of human population from farming sector are protesting on road leaving behind their families at home by preferring land as first priority over family .... This is the time to turn the table .. 

My family is just like most other families - we rise and fall on good and bad government policy. Politics affects us all.

I am apoplectic that people no longer expect progress because for so long they have worn the clothes of decline but if still they protesting I hope some result come out for sure ... 

It’s a shame for government on finding ways to harass the innocent farmers with such tactics ..         I support farmers and will support them until my last breath... Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives...