Sponsors were humiliated by government: 2019 Sponsor your parents and grandparents

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I immigrated to Canada since 2002 after I finished the graduate school in US. I got Canadian citizenship in 2006. My husband and three children are living together with me here in Canada. But as the only child of my parents (credit to the Chinese one child police), sponsoring my parents to immigrate to Canada is always in my heart. They retired in 2014 and I was trying to get ready to apply in 2015. Unfortunately my father passed away 5months after diagnosed with lung cancer in 2015. I promised him to take good care of my mother. So I take my mother with me to Canada under visitor VISA. I was never lucky enough to be picked since 2016 under the sponsor luck draw from Immigration Canada. When the Minister announced to remove the "lucky draw" system in 2019, I was so happy! I submit the "interest to sponsor" form every year in the recent 3years for my Mom but never got picked. We work very hard and made more income and paid more tax than the Minister requires as sponsor. Today, Jan 28th 2019, I was so excited waiting in front of my computer since 10am EST. I started to refresh the link since 11:55PM as they announced the form link will be published on 12PM EST. When I finally got into the form page to fill the information, I was so relieved. This year they ask for a ID file to be uploaded to prove sponsor's immigration status, which they did not let public know in anyway. when I got into the place asking my upload my passport, I have to transfer the photo I took in my cellphone into my computer, which took me couple minuets. When I finished all information as required in the format they want after carefully reading all questions, follow all instructions and answer them accordingly, I was so excited to click on the "submit" button. All I got at the end is a page stating that they got enough of "interest", and I was left out for 2019. That was 12:14PM. I checked website for other sponsors' feedback, someone claim the form link closed at 12:07PM. We have the IT technology to limit the threads to access certain resource long time ago. If the access reaches the limit, then the link should be closed so no one can access anymore. But for whoever already inside filling the form, they should allow reasonable time for people to finish. For the 1st time I strongly feel that I was humiliated by Immigration Canada if this is not a bug in their system. I am sure there are lots of daughters and sons had same experience and same feeling as me. Please support me and let's work together to help our government to improve their service and treat every citizen and PR with respect and fairness! Let's work together to get our filled form counted!