Please accelerate the investigation of refugees cases

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As it’s clear all refugees have forced to leave their countries in the hope of having a better, calm and also more satisfying situations rather than their countries. We escaped from injustice, discrimination, inefficient government and also religious issues.

All of us have selected and appealed Canada as one of the most improved countries in the world to support us in every possible chance.

unfortunately due to Covid-19 and bitter days that all of us are experiencing, the investigation of refugees cases has postponed to some other unclear time.

we should make light on the importance of clarification the refugees files that is extremely vital and important to the whole refugees and their families because living in canada and gaining success in every step is connected directly to our status and permanent residency.

So we plea the minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship of Canada to make the investigation process of refugees files faster as much as possible.

In the light of hard work and responsible government and members of staff, we can achieve our goal.


All hopeful refugees of Canada