Calling CIC to NOT cancel Parent Sponsoship 2019 Interest to Sponsor

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Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship is a sensitive issue for all Canadians and Residents.

There is no joy and relief closed to what you get when you can have your parents to stay with you.

Unless Canada have open sponsorship system with no Quota there is no system which can be considered 'fair' as the people who wont get chance will call the system flawed.

1) in person application  : Hoarders sell the spot for a premium and not everyone can travel to stand in line 24 hr in advance

2) Lottery : the most fair system as everyone have the opportunity to apply and applicants are randomly selected.(even thou i did not get through for 2 years straight)

3) First come first Serve online : Partially fair as people who are sick/travelling, not computer friendly can't make it in time.

The best approach is combination of all 3 and also quota for every region so that the areas with less population are given priority.

Calling cancellation of the current program by a petition is completely unfair for the people who planned the day and made it work. 

We support investigation to identify if multiple forms were submitted by IP address and who Owns those IPs and if any bots were used.  

The form may not load because of browser issue/system issue , slow laptop/computer, intermittent weak internet connection and for other numerous end user reasons.

We know a lot of folks who prepared well in advance and were able to submit the form by 12:03. They have posted that in real time on Canadavisa forum.

We have sympathy with those for whom it did not worked however cancelling the 2019 submission will be devastating for thousands of us who waited for last 3 yrs and couldn't get through lottery and made it work this time.

And above all this ;

thanks to Govt for increasing the quota 4 times to 20K.