Australia is my home please let me stay here

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My name is Navninder Kaur and I have been living in Australia with my husband, Vikramjit singh, since 14 years. We are living in Goolwa, SA with our rescued cats, dogs and rabbits. We have embraced Australia as our only home but the government wants to tear apart my beautiful family. Please help me appeal the government's rejection of our Permanent Residency visas.

Since three years, Vikram and I have been running a successful indian restaurant. We are proud of our commitment to our Goolwa community and growing the local economy. Our two dogs, seven cats, 3 rabbits, seven birds and chooks is all the family we will ever need and it is right here in Goolwa, Australia.

We have applied for Permanent Residency thrice and it has always been refused due to some criteria mismatch errors. We have built a life here and we give back to the community. We are contributing significantly to the community through our role as small business owner and animal lover. We have rescued so many animals in the past and made them a part of our family. It will be devastating if we will be forced to leave all our friends and family here and everything we have built in the last 14 years.

This is a very stressful time for us, and it is utterly disappointing that our contribution and participation in the wider community has not been considered. We are very hurt that even after living and doing business in this country we are forever uncertain about our future.

In 2017, when my dad passed away, I couldn't even spend his last moments with him because of our visa condition that prohibited us from leaving Australia. We chose our future, we chose our home, Australia and yet we are struggling everyday to belong here. Although we are not yet citizens we see ourselves calling this place our home regardless of our status.

What keeps us going is our love for this beautiful country and the wonderful, generous people here. Please sign and share the petition to urge the Minister for Immigration Hon Mr.David Colman to intervene on compassionate grounds and grant our visa.


Kind regards 

Navninder Kaur