Permanent Residence for Migrant Workers and Overstayers

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                                    AMNESTY FOR MIGRANTS AND OVERSTAYERS.

Last was done in 1987 and about time to clean up the county again. New Zealand needs to offer an amnesty to illegal immigrants and migrants in the country in an attempt to regularize their situation.

Where immigrants who can prove they have a valid work contract will be eligible for the amnesty. "It is about easing the social integration of migrants but also about combating the employer exploitation in immigrant labour.

Where: - The Government has agreed to relax visa conditions for a short period to allow temporary migrant workers and international students to further assist with our essential services during the COVID-19 response. This decision will help essential businesses that are operating during Alert Level 4 to keep operating while New Zealand remains at Alert Level 3 or 4.

When students and work holders’ step in to HELP with essential jobs. Its the moral responsibility for New Zealand to help them as well.

Advantages for the Amnesty: -

  • To cover Seasonal work requirements
  •  Speedy up on rebuilding New Zealand economy.
  • More start ups are need in this phase of the economy
  • Develop farming sector.
  • Bring back manufacturing from China.

Seasonal workers requirements every year 15000 to 20000.

Current overstayers in New Zealand 13000

Now in return NZ Government need to step in and help them. Students and work holders are hardworking people. In short future New Zealand needs to create jobs set up factories. So, we need people here in New Zealand. Students and Visa holders are working hard when NZ most in need in this epidemic time. Students have proven that they are hardworking people.

Helping a fellow human being, while it can be inconvenient, has a few humble advantages:

1.     It makes you feel better about yourself;

2.     It connects you with another person, at least for a moment, if not for life;

3.     It improves the life of another, at least a little;

4.     It makes the world a better place, one little step at a time;

5.     And if that kindness is passed on, it can multiply, and multipy.

Do a kindness for another person. It can be something small, or the start of something big. Put a smile on someone’s face.