To bring Ancient Wisdom-Based Knowledge into the Modern Curriculum

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Since Independence, India has taken a new approach towards its education system. With the 'colonized-brain', our leaders created the Indian Institute of Technology, for promoting a western education system. It is always good to expand our knowledge by learning from other cultures but it should not be at the cost of burying the traditional knowledge and wisdom that India had acquired and developed thousands of years ago. Countless Sage-Scientists have contributed to humanity by drafting millions of books, palm 
scripts, copper plates, stone carvings etc., on a multitude of topics. . The information hidden in these materials are highly scientific and as relevant today as it was when it was formulated, maybe more-so. Hence we need to incorporate it into our current education system which seems to be seriously out of touch with our rich culture and heritage. There is now a real need to bring the Ancient wisdom- based knowledge as a separate curriculum parallel to the Western System.  The first step is to start with a single course to add as a syllabus to the existing education boards such as CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, Matriculation, Anglo-Indian and State Boards. The next step is to create a separate board entitled "Ancient Science Board (ASB)" which will exclusively cover Ancient Medical Sciences such as Siddha and Ayurveda, Ancient Agriculture, Ancient Math, Ancient Physics and Alchemy, Ancient Botany and Zoology, Ancient Architecture, psychology and humanitarian subjects, Martial arts, Classical arts and Music, and other unique areas such as Yoga, Consciousness and other dimensions of useful information hidden in the ancient texts. Siddha-Vetha Center for Trans-disciplinary Studies and The World Institute for Scientific Exploration, Non-Profit organizations based in the U.S., (created specifically for the promotion of ancient sciences), have a collective data-base of more than 28,000 scientists Worldwide who can, in one way or another, contribute towards the advancement of this great cause. Both these organizations would be willing to help with

(a) Collecting ancient literature in India for creating libraries  throughout  India and a central library in New Delhi and an International digital library

(b) Translating the contents to make it available in English and other languages as this knowledge is universal and meant for the benefit of all mankind, not just Indians, and finally,

(c) Assisting Curriculum developers from LKG to 12th grade to create books and materials needed for each class, with a goal to expand it to the Ph. D level in the near future for UGC approval. Although this may take a few years, we believe it is feasible and worth our time to work with the Government to bring a revolution in the education system. 

Hope the Ministry of Human Resources can take immediate action on this petition to save humanity from endangering our existence by ignoring our ancestral knowledge."