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I have been appalled by the problems of overloading of school children in lower classes.

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Today every parent and teacher know very well that for most of the children education in lower classes has become a torture as they are compelled to study so much from senior KG on wards. Subjects which are to be studied in higher classes are pushed down the throats of small children leaving them stressed, depressed and tensed as most of them cannot cope up with what they have to study. They lose the joy of childhood and are unable to face even little problems, as they do not develop the capacity to look at things holistically and lack of development of common sense is another issue.They are not able to survive the stress of studies at school and naturally parents are compelled to support them in their studies and thus they cannot work independently and depend upon their parents for everything, lacking in originality and imagination. Their mental growth is curtailed and they cannot think of anything beyond their lessons. Is it not time for us to make these children free from the bondage of unwanted subjects and lessons allowing them more freedom of expression,  allowing them to be the flowers of the society instead of making them prisoners of a rotten system? Parents are helpless as they do not have a choice. Please understand that a child can be better prepared if he is left with lesser subjects to study till he/she is at least 10 years old.By that time his/her brain becomes better prepared to accept more and he/she, by interacting with other children more freely while he/she has lesser load on his back is ready to take more. So revise the syllabus of lower classes at least up to 5th standard and let them grow as children without making them adults by the age of 7 or 8.

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