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Education and learning is one of the most important processes in today's society. "Today's students are tomorrow's teachers". If a student fail today simultaniously the society will fail tomorrow. 

Our education system is just making us to pass out and score marks in a respective test but not to pass the test of one's life. A student is graded by beautiful handwriting, length of the answer and presentation skills instead of the content, creativity and lateral thinking abilities.

The parameters which the education system has choosen to evaluate the students are not appropriate. Fortunately or unfortunately I am forced to write a formal letter explaining some or the other issues to the editor of a daily newspaper in exams since the beginning of my secondary school education till my graduation which goes on and on.

If memorizing a printed textbook or material apart from understanding is what education and learning means than actually I don't want this education, I would rather be an illiterate. Our education system is more obsessed in producing engineering and other graduates making them to run in a meaningless and senseless rat race crushing their creative thoughts. This process helps in generating labours, clerks to work as instructed. Our successful engineers are running call center of a company of other country.

I would like to ask a simple straight forward question to our education system that 'how long will you make a student to sit in a class for a year and a hall for three fricking hours of time to answer the questions asked in an exam so that he might prove to the world that he is actually studying the whole acadamic year'. We all know that "No two minds think the same" then why same question paper is given to thousands and lakhs.

It is a pleasure knowing that we have IIM's, IIT's, B-School's and E-School's in our country but the saddest thing is that one can easily get a seat in London university however to get a seat in IIM's and IIT's....?.! Sorry, you are not upto the mark.                    That's the reason why we can see an engineers frustrated with their lives and graduates roaming on roads for jobs. 

The education system is locking a student in a room and disconnecting them from the outside world. Interesting thing is that 80% of the suicide victims were literates which is higher than the national average literacy rate of 74%. Every 90min someone is trying to commit suicide. Failing in exams killed 2,403 and unemployment killed 2,207 in 2014. According to human resource ministry 16,000 students committed suicide in the last three years. Statistical data clearly states that if the country is good in education then the country is also best in other aspects. 

Who is the culprit? Whom should we punish?  Is the student who is failing or the education system.                                                We need the change and I will be the change. Will you be with me to make this change possible? 

We want quality education, we don't want to be a victim, we don't want a fish to fly let it swim. 

Sign my petition so that this can reach to respective person who is responsible for the change..................!