To stop wastage of paper

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I am a law student of the final year and recently we had an exam of Practical training which is compulsory according to the Bar Council of India. In this exam, we have to submit a written or printed project of court visits that we do, client counselling, And various other aspects of the law. But what I have found is that students don't get real practical knowledge instead they buy their projects from the lawyers or they just copy it from some website and submit it to the college and also the teachers don't pay any heed towards their project or knowledge they have gained instead they just count the number of pages and the way they have decorated the project and give marks accordingly.I believe that instead of taking written or printed projects they should give practical problems to the students and conduct an interview or oral exam on the basis of their respective problems.

I believe that use of papers for examination are good but only in such places where they are actually read by the teachers eg: UPSC CSE, SPSC, etc. and not where they are just kept in the corner of the room gathering dust.If we look towards the European nations like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark etc. we will find that the reason they are developed is that they impart true knowledge in their educational institutions and not just distribute engineering, medical, and law degrees. True knowledge does not lie in papers it lies in the real world.If we can promote Digital India to move towards cashless economy then why can't we give examination on a digital platform, after all, one of the main motives for promoting Digital India was conservation of paper and I definitely don't need to mention what is the source of paper as you are smart enough to conserve forests and plantation.All these conventions of Rio declaration, Stockholm declaration, Kyoto protocol etc. is pointless if we can't even adopt this simple change.

Thus, I would like to request the Minister of HRD, the citizens of India, and most importantly the students to support me in order to make this change by signing this petition and also by asking the Government, and other institutions like UGC, BCI and CBSE to make rules to stop this wastage of paper.