Petition against the Delhi University administration for supressing the right to protest.

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यूँ ही हमेशा उलझती रही है ज़ुल्म से ख़ल्क़
न उनकी रस्म नई है, न अपनी रीत नई
यूँ ही हमेशा खिलाये हैं हमने आग में फूल
न उनकी हार नई है न अपनी जीत नई

Delhi University administration on the 16th of february issued an advisory to its students warning against advocating and following the culture of dissent at university.
The advisory read "All the students of Delhi University are advised not to occupy premises of Departments/Library/ Administrative Blocks etc. for Protest and Dharnas. These acts cause disruption in academic as well as day to day functioning of the respective offices"

This is based on the flawed and narrow assumption that only academically weak students protest.

Students come here to study and only protest for their genuine demands and against university policies which hamper academics and disregard the university culture. Students come for gaining knowledge and learning life skills which a university is ought to impart. So when students protest and stand up for themselves the university should actually be proud in the learning process which made the student learn to stand up and speak for themselves.

Aakash Choudhary (Secretary Delhi University Students' Union)