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Minister of HRD: Please include Sex-Education and Emotional Awareness progams.

The root of all problems in the world is either sexual (Like Rape and molestation, sometimes domestic violence as well) or Emotional (like ego clashes between countries or individuals, even Rape is often done as a revenge for when a women speaks for herself)




We need to now change the mindset of the society through proper, honest and open education. We need to not repress a child's emotion and teach them how to respect men, women, kids, and elders. The moral values of our country are deteriorating so fast and many of us are suffering because of this.

The gang-rape case of Delhi is a small but horrifying example of how unhealthy human emotions can be fatal for others. We need to teach men and women to respect each other and the fellow citizens as well.

Please sign this petition if you believe an education like this which includes following topics will be helpful for this country.
Proposed classroom topics :

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