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Abolition of DASA Quota

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Minister of Human Resources and Development
Government of India
New Delhi

This petition is regarding the provisions of DASA Quota and all the perks(reseravtion of seats in prestigious institutions) that come along with it for the OCI/PIO students in our country. This petition pertains to the abolition of this quota as it affects our 'home' students in terms of the opportunities available to them. This quota provides advantages to OCI/PIO students that is against the main idea of 'equality'. To me, from this quota, it seems like the government wants people to be OCI/PIO as our government is favouring them more than the citizens of our country.

Before getting into the issue, let's talk about Right to Education Act(RTE). As far as this act is concerned, it is absolutely fine to reserve seats for backward classes/people/groups of our country. They don't have the resources and facilities that all the others enjoy. Helping them come up in life must be the duty of each and every one of us. This ensures the wholesome growth of our country.

But what I am unable to understand is why seats are given to OCI/PIO students through the DASA Quota when they are neither backward nor illiterate. They are very often well off in terms of money and resources. They are provided with all the opportunities that any student is provided with. Yet they enjoy benefits that even the 'citizens' of the country don't get. This is certainly not 'equality' that our constitution preaches about. 

Not only are they given an upper hand because of the DASA quota, some states allow them to write their CET (Common Entrance Test) Examination. Private Universities also allow them to appear for their respective examinations. This just proves to be only advantageous for them. They are eligible for exams which all the other 'normal citizens' are and in addition to this, they are eligible for a seat through the DASA quota as well. 

Respected Minister, I hope you understand what I am trying to convey here. Our citizens - the people who will probably continue to stay in India and contribute to its development in the years to come, are not eligible for a quota within their own country; a quota which favours only 'outsiders'. OCI/PIO students are eligible for everything while we are not. If they are eligible for both DASA and exams like CET, JEE etc. shouldn't the reverse also be true; shouldn't we be eligible for DASA as well and not just CET, JEE etc.? We are probably losing opportunities because our government favours OCI/PIO students more than it's own students.

A solution to this problem would be-

  • Abolition of DASA and any other Act is uni-directional and favours only OCI/PIO students
  • Establishment of a common exam for all types of students alike with reservation considerations for backward classes and NOT OCI/PIO.

Respected Minister, I hope you look into this matter and take a decision that would make everyone happy.

Thank you,
Citizen of India


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