STOP BILL 184 - Tenants rights have been removed and evictions easier.

STOP BILL 184 - Tenants rights have been removed and evictions easier.

June 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kim Draskovic

Ontario pushing through changes to tenancy law as crisis looms.


Immediate action is required to revoke Bill 184, the misnamed Protecting Tenants, and Strengthening  Community Housing Act. Premier Doug Ford has tried to legislate this bill into law without discussion or debate from interested parties or the political opposition. The Premier attempted to capitalize on the COVID 19 pandemic to silently pass legislation that would, among other things, simplify the eviction of tenants and reduce or remove other tenant protections within the Residential Tenancy Act, 2006, S.O., c.17.

Bill 184 plans to hasten evictions by limiting tenants' legal rights, and in some cases, removing the requirement to hold eviction hearings. Previously, renters were able to raise issues like chronic disrepair, or harassment at eviction hearings: the Landlord-Tenant Tribunal had the discretion to deny eviction in cases where it found the landlord had not met its obligations. If the Ontario Government legislates, Bill 184 into law, tenants would be required to give notice in writing of these complaints before a hearing occurs. When landlords apply to evict tenants for late rent, the Tribunal can make repayment agreements. However, under the provisions of Bill 184, if a tenant missed a single repayment, the Tribunal would be empowered to issue an eviction order without a hearing.

In the absence of financial relief for hard-pressed Toronto tenants and the attempt to make evictions easier for landlords, the Provincial Government has issued a clear message to residential tenants- the Ford Government will sacrifice the health and safety of tenants for the profits of greedy landlords. It is a direct threat to tenants and a gift to landlords that want “tenancy at will” with no legal protection for tenants.

Ask the Premier, Housing Minister, and the media to stop Bill 184 and inquire why Premier Ford and his Conservative Government are making it easier for landlords to evict tenants. "Remember Bill 184 will affect over half a million (500,000) tenants in Toronto as they comprise forty-seven percent  (47%) of Toronto  households according to "census Canada 2016".


Premier Doug Ford 416-805-2156



Minister of Housing, Steve Clark 416-585-7000, 613-342-9522 Email:

CBC Toronto: (416) 205-5808-

CityNews: (416) 599-2489-

CP24: (416) 384-2400-

Global News: (416) 446-5460-

Toronto Star: (416) 869-4300-

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Signatures: 973Next Goal: 1,000
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