Re: Impact of DASH Highway Construction on Residents

Re: Impact of DASH Highway Construction on Residents

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The People of Damansara Perdana memulai petisi ini kepada Minister of Housing and Local Government Malaysia dan

Greetings to the honorables:

  1. Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Menteri Besar Selangor Tuan Amirudin Bin Shari
  2. Yang Bahagia Puan Hajah Zuraida Binti Kamaruddin, Minister of Housing and Local Government Malaysia.
  3. Yang Berhormat Tuan Baru Bian, Minister of Works Malaysia. 
  4. Dato' Mohd Sayuthi bin Bakar, Datuk Bandar MPBJ
  5. Yang Bahagia Tuan Johary bin Anuar, Timbalan Datuk Bandar MPBJ
  6. Yang Bahagia Mr. Tony Pua Kiam Wee, Member of Parliament representing Damansara. 
  7. Yang Berhormat Puan Elizabeth Wong, Bukit Lanjan Damansara Perdana Assemblywoman and Selangor Executive Council Member for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment.
  8. Yang Bahagia Datin Paduka Kartini Binti Hj Abdul Manaf, Chairman, Prolintas.
  9. Yang Bahagia Datuk Ir. Hamzah Bin Hasan, Board of Directors, Prolintas. 
  10. Yang Bahagia Dato’ Ikmal Hijaz bin Hashim, Board of Directors, Prolintas.
  11. Puan Rita Elisabeth Lype, Board of Directors, Prolintas.
  12. Yang Bahagia Dato’ Mohammad Azlan Abdullah, Group Chief Executive Officer, Prolintas. 
  13. Mr. Malik Parvez Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer (Commercial and Finance), Prolintas.
  14. Mr. Jamaludin Mohd Nor, General Manager (Finance Division), Prolintas.
  15. Mr. Mohd Ramali Abu Bakar, General Manager (Corporate Communications Division), Prolintas.
  16. Mr. Ir Rostam Shahrif Tami, Chief Operating Officer (Project and Operations), Prolintas.
  17. Yang Berbahagia Dato Ir. Latib Hj. Rasol, General Manager (DASH), Prolintas. 
  18. Mr. Charles Duncan, Head of Development Damansara Perdana MK Land

Pertaining to the subject matter above, We, the residents of Damansara Perdana, wish to bring to your urgent attention the deplorable state of congestion and safety violations in the construction of the DASH highway. Since it’s begun, we have faced hazardous and inconvenient conditions which may result in serious and litigable consequences.

We are parents, business owners, employees, child-carers and drivers, all with a vested interest in keeping schedules, sending and picking up children, meeting deadlines and normal life activities which require the ability to enter and exit our area within a reasonable and predictable time, in a safe environment without accident or tragedy. 

During rush hour, we endure heavy stand-still traffic, closure of lanes, inattentive road sentries,Ineffective light-intervals, wrong timing of loading and unloading of work vehicles and washing of lorries during peak periods. And while in traffic, we are inundated with heavy construction vehicles swinging their cranes with scant regard to pedestrian or vehicle safety.

With only one entrance and exit, from Rafflesia all the way to Metropolitan Square, the road beneath DASH is an essential throughway and lifeline, without which we are a trapped community. What happens if there is a life and death situation that requires immediate access / egress or medical attention? The current traffic dispersal or lack of, can result in dire consequences when traffic is gridlocked. The gridlocked from Rafflesia to Metropolitan Square takes an approximately 45 minutes. Regardless of the amount of times we contact the DASH Hotline through various channels, no meaningful adjustment had been made and the replies to our woes were generic.

While we, the residents of Damansara Perdana, realise that we have lost the motion to refuse the DASH HIGHWAY, we ask the stakeholders to look into this situation before something untoward happens. It is a priority that needs to be delved into with a holistic and sustainable outcome in mind.

As a massive catchment area of residents and businesses, and with as much assessment tax as we pay twice a year, it is in the best interest of the local councils and government bodies, that our complaints are heard and our issues attended to, as best they can be.

Our requests consists of;

  • A comprehensive traffic dispersal study to be performed to resolve the current state of Damansara Perdana congestion, not limited to its causes and its impact to the local community and economy. 
  • Due diligence to safety and hazard concerns.
  • Effective communication and follow-ups to responsible parties which includes and not limited to only concession holders, main contractors, sub-contractors, operators and / or third parties. 
  • Stakeholders engagement with residents and not limited to just property developers. 
  • Effective utilisation of MBPJ resources, including but not limited to only the assignment of employees to the area on temporary basis for the purpose of establishing a Bilik Gerakan here to understand the impact on future highway builds. 

Yours Sincerely,


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Dengan 2.500 tanda tangan, petisi ini akan lebih mungkin untuk diliput oleh media lokal!