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The laws around deportation of non-citizens for criminal offences are "extremely punitive".
However, these days we are now seeing a shrewd government . Callously cancelling Permanent Visa's of Absorbed Australians and Refugees forcing them to be unlawful. The deportation and cancellation of Section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 intention was to protect Australia from Foreign attacks and or misuse of non citizens actions against our Australian Community. Today, our Australian' Son, Father, Daughter, Mother, Including Grandparents who has lived in Australia all their life. Who now no longer is familiar with their birth country is forced off their permanent visa stay. As soon as a sentence is over. These Absorbed Australian's are targeted immediately. To their surprise they are herded up as sheep and escorted straight into the detention center, facing deportation. In-spite, of remorsefully paying for their dues to society. It is a punishment that is belted thrice upon detainees whose Permanent visa's are cancelled under section 501 of the Migration Act.
Cases like Mr McHugh has surprised the nation as much as it has shattered his family and kids who are aged between 10 - 28 years old.  
“I’ve got to be here for my kids and my grandkids, they are asking for me every day because they are used to seeing my face,” he said.

Australian Government takes seriously its responsibility to protect the community from non-citizens who choose to engage in criminal activity.”  However, to protect the Australian community the best interest of Australian's come to play.  Our national interest most certainly encompasses the fact , that "Family" is the fundamental creation of our community. Australian born children and they families are of national interest. This is somewhat what the Directions 79 that the Minister uses as a corner stone when considering not to cancel a visa.

But the question here is; Is the directions applied seriously weighing the best interest of young children and the harm of family separation. The answer is yes. However, it is somewhat used very lightly. We are now seeing a number of cancellation occurring for minor cases such as unpaid fines, and criminal acts that is not constituted or considered as serious crimes.

It is fair to say, that the section 501 visa cancellation is being exaggerating to a point where we are now seeing a lot of ordinary Australians in detention centers.

Isolating children from they guardians and additionally grandparents are left raising a wrecked family and generation.  Needless to state, those kids whose family have been detained experience a sentiment of injury and misfortune. Similar to when a friend and or family member passes away. In what capacity can we each mend a youngster from such disarray disgrace and blame that is all the more so forced on them when a parent is incarcerated.  Incarceration/confinement completes a mess harm than fixes anything.  Mental disease is far reaching aftereffect of this to all who is affected.  Every kids need a significant association with they guardians/grandparents to progress toward becoming they extreme best.
Subsequently, while we attempt to quit reproducing into entomb generational injury family partition causes in a kid's life. As we advocate for finding a medium in supporting prisoners and they families, while keeping Australia safe.  The system is causing more damage to society. FAMILY PLAYS A SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN OUR AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY.

There are better cures as opposed to having a childish reformatory framework manage how a family ought to live.  Dictating to Australian families ; which family member is of best interest to their family unit and who ought to be removed.

Edward McHugh has lived in Australia for more than 40 years but now faces deportation after a recent conviction, despite owning an Australian passport.
Adopted by a Queensland family at the age of six and later granted an Australian passport, Edward McHugh never thought he was anything but Australian.
But the 50-year-old, who was born in the Cook Islands, now faces deportation and being torn apart from his seven children, after the Australian government revoked his passport and told him he was in fact never a citizen.
“I grew up in Toowoomba, Mum and Dad are both Aussies, they never thought they had to do anything for me [to be a citizen] ... I thought I was Australian,” McHugh told SBS News.
But McHugh discovered that was not the case when he was informed earlier this year he was to be deported on character grounds under section 501 of the Immigration Act due to a criminal conviction.
McHugh was convicted of aggravated assault and making a threat to kill a person in February this year and was sentenced to a nine-month prison sentence. In speaking with him further - I was told he had accepted the charges although not guilty.  He had acknowledged the charges  as he was advised by his legal counsel that accepting guilt would lessen his sentence and that he could move on with his life. Aggrieved by the framework he acknowledged this offer.  Which he regrets.  
He believes having served his time he doesn’t deserve to be deported he said.

He will join the more than 1,000 New Zealanders with criminal records deported from Australia in the last two years after serving time in prison. But Mr Hugh’s case is unusual in that only last year he applied for - and was granted - a passport that clearly states his nationality as “Australian”.
McHugh has been on an Absorbed Person visa, according to the department, which it said was revoked after his prison sentence.
“An Australian passport is not evidence of a person’s citizenship,” said the department, which noted passports were issued to non-citizens prior to a law change in 2005.
An Australian passport is not evidence of a person’s citizenship. 

Now that statement should create worry to all those holding Permanent Resident including those who obtained they citizenship and passport -Just like Edward that this should make us naturalized citizens.   Now imagine just like Edward in a fit of anger you said " god will strike you dead"  and that turns into charges of aggravated threat to kill"  and you find yourself stuck in a system where the best option given is to accept guilt. 
 Yes we live in a flawed system. 
"Deporting someone who had lived and worked in Australia their whole life, as an Australian, is very punitive and should not exist.
Edward has paid his time and should be released - He should have his freedom respected and he should be able to rectify his visa issues outside detainment facilities  - he should be allowed this without his family life being disrupted.  
It is quite heart wrenching to hear Edward say: 
“I’ve got to be here for my kids and my grandkids, they are asking for me every day because they are used to seeing my face,” he said.

This petition is to stop the incorrect application of the justice system and Migration Act, which today in numbers are manufacturing detainees into a center that is costing us tax payers $413 per day, per detainee. According to the Productivity Commission, the annual cost of prisons and detention in Australia reached over $4.6 billion in 2017-18, equating to $302 per prisoner per day. Unsurprisingly, increasing rates of imprisonment are driving significant increases in the operating cost of prisons and detention.

This petition is to stop visa cancellation of Absorbed Australian's and Refugees. Where by they should be given their right to freedom and family whilst they dispute their visa issues. Reiterating our rights to family under article 17 ICCPR.
"Article 17 of the ICCPR prohibits unlawful or arbitrary interferences with a person’s privacy, family, home and correspondence. It also prohibits unlawful attacks on a person’s reputation. It provides that persons have the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."



This petition made change with 51 supporters!

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