Prioritizing Organ and Tissue Donation in Alberta

Prioritizing Organ and Tissue Donation in Alberta

March 2, 2021
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Alberta’s deceased organ donation rate lags behind other provinces, the Canadian average, and is well below other international jurisdictions. As a result, too many Albertans are needlessly suffering and dying waiting for a transplant that may never come.

By prioritizing organ & tissue donation, the Government of Alberta will:
(1) Save lives through no missed donor opportunities.
(2) Respect and honour Albertans’ wishes to donate their organs and/or tissue.
(3) Support Alberta in becoming a leader in deceased organ & tissue donation and transplantation.

Solving Alberta’s organ and tissue & transplantation crisis requires government leadership and government-led policy solutions.

We urge the Government of Alberta, including Premier of Jason Kenny and Minister of Health Jason Copping, as well as The Leaders of the Official Opposition Rachel Notley, and all Members of Alberta’s Legislative Assembly to:

(1) Implement evidence-based solutions to address current gaps in Alberta’s organ donation and transplantation procurement system, and

(2) Develop policies and legislative initiatives to address current and future priorities with respect to organ donation and transplantation.

This will be achieved by implementing the following evidence-based best-practices.

• Establish specifically trained Donation Teams (specialized in donor identification, donor referral and donor management).

• Implement continuous and Real-Time Audits, as an essential best practice in urban and large rural centres.

• Introduction of a Bill to amend current legislation to replace the system of mandatory consideration of donors with a system of mandatory referral of donors by doctors, and to implement the provisions found in Bill 205, Human Tissue and Organ Donation (Presumed Consent) Amendment Act, 2019.

• Establishment of a pan-Alberta donation and transplantation system with dedicated full-time leadership, an efficient structure and the infrastructure required to be effective and accountable.

• Create a culture of organ donation by improving public awareness of the need and benefits of organ donations (i.e. one donor can save up to 8 lives through organ Donation and improve quality of life for 75 others through tissue donation).

• Establishment of dedicated donation and transplant facilities, including prioritized operating room access in hospitals, consistent with best-performing jurisdictions.
• Development of a user-friendly donor registration system to facilitate donations.

The time for More Transplants is now. Albertans waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant are counting on us.


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Signatures: 341Next Goal: 500
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