The future of Waitakere Hospital is ON HOLD

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A big thank you to the 5,563 Community Members who signed our petition

The petition to identify Waitakere Hospital as a priority for funding in the Health NZ structure Thank you to Sunil Kaushal who presented the Waitakere Hospital Petition to Andrew Little, Minister of Health on behalf of Waitakere Health Link. We had 5,563 signatures made up of over 5,000 online and over 250 hard copy signatures from lots of churches in the west to the north. 461 people who signed the petition also made comments.  A few comments from the petition: ·         “Promoting equitable care means accessible local services." ·         "I'm signing this petition because it's vital for Waitakere and its growing population." ·         "This community is being treated as secondary to others.  We have fought this battle too many times.  Time for this Auckland community to be cared for adequately." ·         "The current situation of the low number of beds per head of population makes no sense in terms of providing equitable health services." ·         "I feel frustrated that this has, yet again, not been prioritised with Health funding. There have been multiple attempts to get traction on this - seemingly with no effect." ·         "The lack of hospital care in West Auckland makes second-class citizens of its residents. The current process of sending people from West Auck to North Shore Hospital adds insult to injury by creating a ridiculous, unnecessary transport obstacle both for patients and for their loved ones wanting to visit."  To sign or read all the petition comments visit Waitakere Health Link request the Waitakere Hospital Master Planning Programme Business Case be identified as priority funding in Health NZ, to ensure it will have the capacity to cater for the growing population which is projected to reach 350,000 by 2038. We are keeping the petition open as we want more people to get behind this and we will present it again if we do not have a favourable outcome.

Waitakere Health Link
2 weeks ago