Formal inquest into the deaths of 6 Australian children linked to Rexona

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My Son Bradley John Hope passed away on the 8th December 2019 after he and his mates decided to inhale Rexona ( know as Chroming) this was the first time my son tired chroming Rexona and he suffered a fatal heart attack and was unable to be revived. 

My son was a fit and healthy young man and died after the toxic chemicals in Rexona caused his heart to stop. Bradley was the 6th Australian child to lose their life as a direct result from inhaling Rexona. 

Rexona have acknowledged that their product has been linked to these deaths yet no public education or correct labelling/branding and have decided to twist this into a social issue instead of a full issue of toxicity with their product. 

I have met with the representatives from Rexona who acknowledge their product is extremely toxic and can kill instantly if misused but refuse to educate the public with correct branding and education campaigns.

A product so toxic it can kill you instantly needs to be regulated if Rexona won’t the government need to protect our children, regulate this product and implement education programs so parents and children know how dangerous this product is. 

I’m calling on the NSW state coroner’s office to hold an offical inquest into these 6 deaths and the role Rexona played in these young Australians losing their life. 

Rexona had and has a duty of care to the Australian public and my son would still be alive today if young lives were put before profit and brand protection. 

The NSW state coroner’s office has Bradley’s case and is lookingt if an offical inquest is viable and I say it is 100% 

please sign and help stop another young life being lost ❤️