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Demand parent's rights to choose or not to choose vaccination of their children

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The UNITED STATES GOVT openly acknowledges that vaccines are NOT safe and can cause severe neurological damage and death to children.   US$3.6 billion has been paid out in compensation to vaccine damaged children! This clearly demonstrates the risks involved.

We demand that mandatory vaccinations, with financial penalties levied against parents who choose NOT to have their children vaccinated should be removed unless the Govt is prepared to conduct a thorough independant study by non-pharmaceutical vested interest parties to prove conclusively that vaccines on the recommended Australian schedule are both "necessary", "effective" and "100% safe".

The current rate of autism in Australia is slightly lower than USA with our statistics (google), one boy born in 68, will develop and be on the Autism spectrum!   Future predictions based on current trends, is that by 2032 one in every two boys will be on this spectrum.   THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Two recent enlightening documentary series, "The Truth about Vaccines" and "Vaccines Revealed" provide damming evidence by multiple Pediatricians, doctors, researchers and other health professionals of the damage to babies/infants and their developing brains by the mercury, aluminium and other adjuvants contained in vaccines given to babies from day one of birth.  The link/connection to neurological (among a list of health issues) is especially worrying when combining multiple vaccines at the same time (the combined health effect has NEVER been studied for safety).    Why has autism only developed (rampantly) since USA Govt granted a never before or since "IMMUNITY from prosecution" to all pharmaceutical companies manufacturing vaccines???   Why does the US Govt allow the very committees at both the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) to have members closely aligned with Pharmaceutical companies or other vested interests??   Why is the CDC, the body charged with maintaining human health and vaccine safety, in the business with same pharmaceutical companies, purchasing millions of dollars of vaccines and onselling these to the States for disbursement and administration to innocent babies???   A conflict of interest if ever there was one!

EVERY parent needs to research vaccines and their ingredients, before blindly allowing doctors and health care people to inject their children. 



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