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Glyphosate gets mistakenly picked up by our RNA.

Tony Mitra
Delta, Canada

Aug 31, 2016 — Anthony Samsel/ Stephanie Seneff's peer reviewed paper on Glyphosate, fifth volume, is out. In an interview with Tony Mitra, he lays out the proof how glyphosate as an analog (mimic) of glycine, gets picked up by our body and used by our RNA, mistakenly thinking it is glycine, and how glyphosate then goes into various parts of our biology and how, once it gets there, it creates malfunctioning proteins that become the trigger for illness and disease.

This is the first part of a multipart section.

IN the subsequent parts - more proof and evidence will be provided by Anthony Samsel, showing how test data from the producers of Glyphosate based herbicide such as Monsanto and DuPont clearly shows how Glyphosate invades our biology, like a Trojan Horse. However, the makers of the product never catch on because they were looking at the wrong places for the wrong things. And neither does EPA catch on because they are essentially ignorant on the ways Glyphosate actually hurts the living planet. EPA literally uses the wrong book while approving glyphosate.

Thats not all. Samsel also speaks of how a large number of todays vaccines contain glyphosate as a contaminant and how vaccinated people can pick up this dangerous molecule which then can trigger all sorts of diseases. He is not speculating, but has the proof in way of lab test results that show vaccines are containing glyphosate as a contaminant, and provides advise on how vaccine makers should check for this and how they might avoid poisoning their vaccines with this contaminant.

Cautionary note and alerts have already been sent by Anthony Samsel to the health authorities in the US, through his senator Jeanne Shaheen, as well as to the United Nation and other medical institutions.

I am getting a copy of these letters and intend to also send them to Canadian counter parts including the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

So hang on and wait for the rest.

This video is about 28 minutes long.

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