Let's appreciate the sacrifices of frontliners #LegislationToFastTrackCitizenship4FLWs

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Who are frontline workers?

People who "actively contributed" to the fight against the pandemic.The beneficiaries include not only health care workers but also cashiers, garbage collectors and housekeepers etc.

We know that citizenship is an honour and privilege which is given to residents with good character and extraordinary contribution to the country. The sacrifices of frontline workers in this pandemic have been beyond our imagination and appreciation so they are the most deserving of this honour that they are demanding. #FastTrackCitizenship4FLWs of their in-limbo applications. Since there is no law that segregates applications by occupation, we propose legislation to move forward and get this process going. 

Frontline workers are the main force tackling COVID-19 since it began.  A major chunk of them are immigrants. They have continued working selflessly through this healthcare crisis to protect the wider community in Ireland despite the sacrifice to their own health, life and family.

A major challenge for these frontline workers is citizenship delays which have been well reported to span a duration of 2+ years. These undue delays are demoralising and demotivating especially when neighbouring countries are implementing such outstanding measures to salute their incredible work. Measures fast tracking citizenship have already been taken in France and Canada as a way of rewarding those working during the pandemic.

What we aim to achieve? 

This petition is a gentle reminder for relevant stakeholders to encourage and boost the morale of frontline workers who have been working selflessly during this pandemic.

We propose:

Any TD or Senators to bring a Bill forward to the Dail to pass as Legislation to fast track citizenship for frontline workers who have sacrificed immensely during this pandemic.