Bring a change to our health care system, stop the misdiagnoses resulting in deaths

Because it's heartbreaking and MING BOGGLING the the CEOs of hospitals like this one, Arden Krystal, President & CEO, Southlake Regional Health Centre ... can make up to half a million dollars per year and it's certainly not on the merit that they ensure TOP QUALITY TREATMENT BY THE DOCTORS THEY HIRE. This CEO is parading around on a half a million dollar salary, meanwhile in HER OWN HOSPITAL IGNORANT DOCTORS caused death of someone's child!!!!! I Hope this family sues this CEO for all the money she has. IT's UNFORGIVABLE. A CHILD 'S LIFE LOST BECAUSE OF 2 IDIOTS. THE DOCTOR AND WHOEVER HIRED THEM. THEY SHOULD BOTH LOSE THEIR JOBS. "Ordered additional training" is hardly the consequence. He deserves jail time too. and a hefty lawsuit. I PRAY FOR THE FAMILY. AND I HOPE JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED AND I HOPE THE FAMILY IN due time might expand their family and be blessed again. I am very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine...You have my support to get justice even though if in a monetary form - at least it's something. And hopefully the hospital will think twice before allowing dimwits like this doctor to work ever again.

mary khan, Toronto, Canada
10 months ago
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