Let's Establish a Foundry Centre for Surrey Youth!

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 Parents, Teachers and all Surrey citizens  are committed to excellence in public education and in ensuring that Surrey students and youth lead productive, happy and healthy lives. We need to be providing further mental health supports for all students. Most youth work hard and pursue their goals becoming engaged citizens. Some experience mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, wrong peer influences and failure. We know that with the right help they overcome these problems and diseases.

 However, we worry about the youth unable to turn their lives around, going astray from family ties and positive community values. They go down the path of drugs, gang violence, and tragic death.

 Families and the community also suffer when a death occurs. Presently available supports have lengthy wait lists in our schools, in our clinics and in our hospitals which are often an uncomfortable place to go to. We need a government integrated approach for helping youth as seen  in a government Foundry centre. “Foundry represents community agencies, government, donors, youth and young adults, and families coming together to improve the wellness of BC’s young people”  We need after-hour support services, we have few shelters for homeless youth, only 5 beds, and no peer assistance or online assistance which a Foundry centre offers. As well it serves up to age 24 not only to19.

We continue to see tragedy in many and in our our Indo-Canadian communities in particular.

Crime, violence drugs and death has sadly touched every region, north and south. This youth problem is not color, race, gender or ethnic specific. We have a socially democratic government making a difference in people’s lives and now we can ask them for more supports.  

 Surrey citizens are asking our provincial government; Ministers Judy Darcy and Adrian Dix to direct Fraser Health Authority to establish a Foundry Centre in Our city. 

Please sign this request for a Foundry Centre. Surrey is the second largest city on its way to surpassing Vancouver in population and this centre would be very welcome.


Niovi Patsicakis, 

Public Education and Community Advocate


Here is key information on Foundry Centers on their website: https://foundrybc.ca 

Foundry Centres provide a single door, offering access to someone to talk to, care providers for any health need, and friendly experts to help navigate health and social services, resources, and programs. All centres deliver free, respectful, non-judgmental, and strength-based services in a youth-friendly space.

From school to relationships, anxiety, to job hunting, there are many things in life that can cause stress. Foundry centres and foundrybc.ca bring resources together in one place to make it easier for young people to navigate life’s challenges, large and small.


Foundry involves over 100 partnerships across the province of BC. The Foundry central office, hosted by Providence Health Care, leads the provincial initiative and supports the development of local centres. Each Foundry centre is operated by a lead agency that brings together local partners, service providers, young people and caregivers. Foundry’s online platform, foundrybc.ca, is powered by BC Children’s Hospital.

Foundry represents community agencies, government, donors, youth and young adults, and families coming together to improve the wellness of BC’s young people.
We believe young people should have a voice in their care and that finding the right support shouldn’t be difficult.

We are building a province-wide network of integrated health and social service centres for young people ages 12-24. Foundry centres provide a one-stop-shop for young people to access mental health care, substance use services, primary care, social services and youth and family peer supports.

We provide safe, non-judgmental care, information and resources, and work to reach young people earlier – before health challenges become problematic. Foundry brings health and social services together in a single place to make it easier for young people to find the care, connection and support they need.

We are committed to working with our partners to change lives, communities and our systems, because young people are our future.

We focus on wellness, empowering young people to live a balanced and fulfilling life

We bring health care and social services under one roof to make it easier for young people to find help and support. In Foundry centres, a team of care and service providers work with each young person to create a plan for wellness and help equip them with the tools, support and strategies they need to thrive in life. We strive to reach young people earlier so we can help with issues before they become bigger and impact their relationships, school, work or other aspects of their lives.

We offer services created with, and for, young people and their families

At Foundry, we deeply believe that to truly create transformational change we can only do it alongside young people and families. From the creation of our name and identity, to the look and feel of the centres, to the development of our online space — we make sure that young people and families are included in the process. And it won’t end there; their voices will be embedded throughout our journey, ensuring that we continue to best meet their needs.

We provide the right support for what each young person needs, when they need it

We deliver care and supports in a stepped care model, which matches the level of service to the level of need. If a young person’s needs increase, the level of support services increase as well. If a young person’s situation improves, the intensity and level of support can be decreased. This way we use resources in the most efficient and effective way and reach young people where they’re at.

We ensure our services meet the changing needs of young people

To ensure our program is truly meeting the needs of young people coming into Foundry centres, we are using a data collection platform at all of our centres. This involves a tablet-based set of surveys and clinical tools used by young people as well as care providers, to help care providers get to know their clients and track their progress. This allows us to evaluate our centres and programs and respond quickly to meet the changing needs of young people and families.

By bringing together core services and supports, Foundry will support young people aged 12-24 and their families with easy access to care.

Whether a young person needs support for anxiety or depression, wants to see a family doctor or is struggling with a stressful situation, we will help them get the services they need.