Stop the murders of patients by Canadian Doctors

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The patients admitted to the hospitals, are placed under a treatment program called comfort care, where the patients are left to die, while being kept on hydration and narcotics, preventing them from getting any form of nourishment or energy. The decision to administer this treatment, is not consented by the patient but made by the physicians.

My Father was admitted to Humber River Hospital (1235 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M3M 0B2, with pain in his back. He was supposed to undergo a bone marrow biopsy, to determine whether he had multiple myeloma. Instead of treating my dad, he was abruptly discharged by the nurse and sent home with a lot of medications (laxatives and opioid  pain killers) but none in terms of medication for his underlying condition.

He was admitted after a while with pain, and in similar fashion the same nurse tried to discharge my dad, by which time a bone marrow biopsy had confirmed the multiple myeloma.

I had insisted that he was to be treated. My dad on admission had also pleaded the doctor to save him.

While in the hospital, my dad lost a lot of weight, was unable to get up from the bed or walk. I would try to feed him enough food and water in the night and his condition would improve. When I return from work during the night, his condition would have deteriorated.

Though I was a physician myself, I never questioned the treatment my dad was getting. A nurse explained to me that they had put him on "Comfort care" where he is let to die a slow, lingering   painful death.

I protested and asked him to be treated and his code was elevated to "Medica care", and also asked to start parenteral feeds (feeding intravenously). The following day, my mother who was attending to my father, called me at work and adviced my dad was seriously ill. On returning to the hospital, I found my dad was in shock (Blood pressure 40/80) and all IV lines removed.


When i confronted the doctor, and told him that he was not getting any nourishment, why? He said he will do  some thing and vanished from the scene. After about an agonizing 30-40 minutes a nurse walked by and asked how is every thing. I voiced my concern and the doctor promised me to start 1/3, 2/3 solution. But no one has done any thing for the past half an hour. The nurse quickly mobilized the support team, and started the ringers lactate, which revived him. The following day, the attending physician came storming into my room looked at the medications and then claimed their was a difference in our interests ( he was trying to murder my father while I was trying to provide  the nest medical options available) and claimed that he would transfer to another physicians. I said I do agree that we do have a difference in our interests and do transfer him, and thanked him. 

In the other ward, all sedation and narcotics were curtailed and my dad was making a dramatic improvement. The attending physician said this is short of a miracle (Wrong this is medical care, this is how patients are to be treated).

My dad was discharged home and unfortunately, on the second day he developed Fever and was admitted under a different doctors care. He was treated for Urinary tract Infection. He was getting much better, and suddenly, the previous doctor came and transferred him back to his ward and within  the 2 days, my dads conditioned has worsened and he is unable to talk or eat.

Please all, we have to take care of our own.

Please help me bring the informed consent concept where that patient has to agree to any detrimental treatment regime, or by default get the best available treatment.