Regulate hospital's practices by providing better transparency to patient's relatives

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Healthcare is a basic right of any citizen of India but still getting true and proper information about the patient from the doctors who are also referred to as Gods by us mortals is not an easy task at all. It does not matter which strata of society the patient belongs to, when it comes to getting transparent information about the treatment being done, the relatives are equally helpless. 

On top of that the bigger the hospital, the more twisted is the story they come up with to somehow avoid the questions. All these may or not may not treat the actual problem that the patient is admitted with but not before there is big hole in the pocket of the suffering family. 

All these boil down to the fact that Private Hospitals in India have become more of a money-making organization where everyone starting from doctors to technicians are working full time to complete the deadlines  given to them by the management. 

The number of cases where the treatment and the outcome going haywire are increasing at an alarming rate. 

I demand if not an end, but  a curtailment in this by :

1. Regulating the entire process 

2. Create public grievance centers in every hospital where relatives get proper answers to their queries.

3. Proper justification of the billing