Stop victimization of rape victims

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This is about an unnamed rape victim. This 10 year old girl is a rape survivor, a victim of repeated rape by her own maternal uncle. The Chandigarh District Court has refused abortion rights to harm as she's  6 months pregnant already. Read this article today as in the following link and sharing it here so that you can read it and decide how unfortunate it is that law, which is meant to protect victims has been so insensitive in this case that instead of trying to save the 10 year old from inevitable Caesarian Delivery, which again could lead to her death or disability in addition to the existing trauma..,has not given her a permission to abort and reduce the risk to reasonable extent. Furthermore does the court guarantee any great future to her newborn in case everything goes off well?

Please go through the above link and help saving the girl from becoming a victim of law, when she already is a traumatized little bundle of joy turned into a toy of abuse by her own relative. 

Let the girl have another chance to stand without having to fight for her life just to procreate an unwanted and unborn. 

Let her be freed of a double edged risk. Either she dies. Or she undergoes a dangerous surgery to produce a responsibility that she's totally incapable of bearing, physically, socially, and financially too. 

Thanks for considering. 

Thanks for support