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Est of Dialysis units in govt hospitals, free/affordable dialy: treatment for ckd patients

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dear people,

I am satnam singh jassal, writing this petition on the behalf of my father S Parmail s jassal, from jagraon Distt ludhiana Punjab and all the patients who are being suffering from last stage renal failure (chronic kidney failure stage 5)and are on dialysis because of diabetes and chronic high blood pressure, the reason for writing this petiton is not only my personal but i consider that all the patients who suffer from this intense pain of disease and its treatment that is dialysis, the reason is simply that, the patients who cannot afford , kidney transplant as it cost around about ~10-15 laks min in a private hospital , so for the people who belongs to middle of lower middle class families cannot afford that will have to stay dependent on dialysis treatment, although dialysis treatment is not so affordable, and moreover this treatment is not even available in majority of  govt hospitals in Punjab specially in my city and distt, if it is available it then only in private hospitals ,on the other hand private hospitals are taking too much charges for that for eg when my father started taking this treatment dmc&h ludhiana was taking 1500 INR charges , but now it has been raised to 3000 for a single time treatment , like my father majority ~90-95% patients has to take this treatment twice or thrice a week, so just try to understand that how can a middle class or even a upper or lower middle class person can afford or a person who do just labour to feed their family  that, i have seen personally that people will have to sold their properties to save their dearest ones,(there is no other option)there condition is somewhat like this(Between the devil and the deep sea)as they can't afford transplant , but how longer they have go through dialysis, as some day all their property and money gets exhausted and there is no other way than accepting a death, 

as per the approximation averagely 40-50k rs is req for a person who is on dialysis treatment twice a week  along with medication like erothropotein injection, or other life saving drug , or even some people req blood transfusion on weekly basis ,it is horrible figure, even a rich person think 100s of time of this extreme expenditure amount, then pls imagine that how can a poor indian can afford that,my father is on dialysis since 2013, `4th year is being passing,and 1000;s of other patients like him , or even i see hundreds of new patients on each and every visit, ranging from a 2 year children toteenager and adult people from female to male,and this figure is getting higher and higher daily,and nobody bother to figure out its reason and to tackle it, on the other hand hospitals  (private ones) are in will to fill their pockets from the hard earned money of the people and are increasing their charges day by day.there is not any dialysis unit in my city and the govt hospital, so we have to either go to ludhiana or moga or other mega cities , there are more than 50 people i know about them in my city,still there might be other who i still dont know.from my city and near by villages.

the reason behind writing this petition , is to taking the vision of health ministry on this serious issue , because this problem is not lesser than any sort of cancer and is spreading like a dangerous plague, if any immediate action did not taken there might be be horrible results of this disease ,and also a request to health minister PUNJAB shri BRAHM MOHINDRA to do some initiative in this concern to establish dialysis units in govt hospitals and the civil hospital Jagraon at the affordable rates or if possible free of cost for the povert people  and lower middle class who cannot afford dialysis treatment, i hope that our problem will be consdier as a serious issue and will be resolved  on priority basis.                  

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