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Petitioning Minister of Foreign Affairs at DFAT

Use Australia's upcoming presidency of the UNSC to improve the security and protection of civilians in Darfur.

Australia is a current member of the UNSC (United Nations Security Council), and will hold presidency for the month of November 2014.

We, the undersigned appeal to the government of Australia to use its presidency position to improve the security and protection of civilians in Darfur by:

1. Ensuring the safe access of humanitarian aid for civilians, especially those facing protracted displacement.

  • The UNSC must work towards ensuring unhindered access for humanitarian aid organisations to all areas in Sudan.

2. Strengthening the UNAMID (African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur) mandate.

  • Push for a UNSC resolution to disarm all paramilitary groups in Darfur, in line with Resolution 2117 of September 2013.
  • Enforce implementation of the revised UNAMID (United Nations African Union Mission in Darfur) mandate to prioritise the Protection of Civilians (Resolution 2148 of 2014).
  • Ensure UNAMID peacekeeping force is supported with appropriate resources, manpower and training to carry out their mandate.
  • Ensure UNAMID peacekeeping force is held accountable for the Protection of Civilians.

3. Demanding all stakeholders participate in a holistic peace process.

  • Work with the Government of Sudan to bring all stakeholders, including women, to participate in inclusive peace talks.

4. As president of the UNSC, supporting the successful prosecution of perpetrators by providing funding for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to carry out investigations and investigation missions in Sudan.

This petition will be presented to the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in October 2014. 

This petition was delivered to:
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs at DFAT

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