Make New Businesses eligible for Canadian Federal COVID-19 Relief Programs

Make New Businesses eligible for Canadian Federal COVID-19 Relief Programs

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Started by Victoria Herron

The Canadian Federal Government has introduced COVID-19 relief programs to support Canadian business through this global pandemic. Two of the most financially helpful and notable programs, the Canadian Emergency Rent Subsidy and the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy, are NOT available to new businesses that commenced operations March 2020 or later.

This means thousands of new businesses started within the last year across Canada have received little to no relief compared to other Canadian businesses. The government COVID relief programs cast a wide net in terms of eligibility in order for them to reach their goal of supporting the Canadian economy amidst shutdowns and restrictions. New businesses that opened in 2020 should be eligible for that support as well, there is no reason to exclude this demographic that is also employing countless Canadians across the country.

My family started work on our new business in January 2020 - all the equipment was purchased, lease signed, paint going up on the walls. The interior build of the commercial space we rent was set to take 4 months. Then, the Pandemic hit in March 2020. Our business was now not ready to open until August of 2020 because of shutdowns and delays due to COVID. At that point, with so much money and time invested, we decided to open, hoping to make any money we could and that the pandemic would start to ease in the coming months.

We have now been open for almost 9 months, and month over month our revenues are increasing thanks to our incredible local community and their support, however we still are not yet profitable. Currently our business has been mandated to close by our Provincial Government due to a Lockdown, we have had to lay off all employees, and we along with many other businesses in our province, and our country need help. There is and has been some help available with the CERS and CEWS, but it frustratingly is still not available to us. Unfortunately, I am sure there are thousands of Canadians with stories just like ours.

Federal COVID support programs should be here to support ALL Canadian Businesses. I see no reason why new businesses are less worthy of help than a business that opened 12 months prior.

Please sign your name on this petition to voice your support that the Federal Government should change program eligibility requirements for the CEWS and CERS so that new businesses that commenced operations in 2020 are eligible.

My sincere thanks for supporting your fellow Canadians, stay safe everyone.


485 have signed. Let’s get to 500!