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Wilfully mutilated, altered or defaced currency notes after December 2017

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The decision by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the local banks not to accept so called willfully damaged notes with effect from 31st December 2017 is a gross injustice against the people of Sri Lanka.

1) Currency notes are exchanged by people without looking at whether they are damaged or not.

2)Large amount of currency notes are exchanged between people and to expect the people who receive these notes to check each and every note to weed out damaged notes is stupid.

3) Banks and individuals put these notes in between bundles of currency which makes it difficult for the recipient to weed them out.

4) It is not the public's job to look for damaged notes but it is the Central Bank and the Banks job to remove these damaged notes from circulation instead of penalizing the public.    

5) Rs. 2000.00 notes in circulation are so flimsy and old that they will tear up if not handled carefully.

By this decision large numbers of people will end up holding damaged notes and will have to bear personal loss.

It is the Central Banks responsibility to weed out the damaged notes and it is not the public's responsibility.  

Please sign this petition to stop the Central Bank from transferring their responsibility on to the public and make the public lose their hard earned money.  

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